Day 58 of Project 2015

We are staring into yet another weekend and we have to admit that it has crept up on us. This past week seems to have passed a lot quicker than we anticipated or imagined.

The week wasn’t overly filled with a different routine as such and we have “slept in” more than we usually do. This is probably all contributing to our  lives falling back into routine!

We need to be sure to snap out of it as of NOW! We can’t keep going on like this and having the days roll into one and the daily grind consuming our lives.

February 27 – will be the day that we acknowledge that we have noticed the speed of time creeping up a notch……

Summary of February 27


Tim Tams have a new range (possibly limited edition range) and we tried a new flavour; Coconut Cream. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

There is this thing on the internet apparently going viral about a blue/black VS gold/white dress. Le could see the latter and David could see the former. It was such a spin out that we were both looking at the SAME dress yet seeing different colours – what is all that about??  


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