Day 57 of Project 2015

Only two days left of this month and that means a sixth of the year has passed us by.

This year is a little unique for us with not having planned our next trip yet. We have a lot of ideas but we haven’t locked anything in yet. The Australian dollar is also not doing the best against anyone so maybe this year we’re meant to stay local – which isn’t a bad thing. We were only just the other day saying that we have spent literally only 4 days in QLD and the same amount in South Australia.

There is so much in our own backyard that we need to explore and that we might have to do this year until the Aussie dollar either gets a little better OR until we are back to double income 🙂

All in good time!

Summary of February 26


We finally went through our photos from our trip last year and made a very small compilation of them on a DVD to give to Le’s aunty to take with her. It was rather rewarding revisiting our photos and even more so to use a program that we have had on our computer for AGES and not ever used it the way we did 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Using a different program and having to learn a new way of doing something has its ups and downs. It took us a lot longer to compile this “short” DVD than we expected but we got there. We were patient and persevered. We also took the time to rewatch our Camino DVD. It really grounds us when we remember our experiences. Still brings tears to our eyes. 


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