Day 56 of Project 2015

We just got home from a night out, catching up with a friend tonight. And what do we find in the kitchen?? A red-back spiders web….. And so we sprayed down the area only to draw out the spider himself (or herself). YIKES! Luckily, that spider hasn’t ended up in bed with us.

We are not big on killing bugs or animals but unfortunately when they start encroaching on our territory and make us feel unsafe… that has to be the end of them 😦

Summary of February 25


We went to a new restaurant in an area that we don’t frequent. It was a rather random end to the night with us meeting a Frenchman and a Scottish woman on the street. We’ve been having a lot of those encounters lately! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Traffic was horrendous in the morning because of an accident on the Harbour Bridge – so that generally affects everyone in the vicinity. David took over an hour to get to work when it normally takes him 35 – 40 minutes. He did end up with an all day park which was a BIG hooray especially because the rains came and it was torrential. There was no need for him to run around moving the car. So maybe being late, isn’t so bad?! 


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