Day 55 of Project 2015

Le’s aunty who has been in Australia from Vietnam for almost 6 month will be off soon. She has no immediate family in Vietnam and to have been surrounded by so many family members for a while will be hard for her to return to an empty apartment.

It’s hard on us all… the great niece and nephews have grown familiar with having her around so for them it will be odd to not see her face all the time and then to wonder where she has gone.

Le helped her pack her luggage today and it all feels a little surreal. She came while we were away in Europe and we thought at the time, “We’re going to still have about 4 months with her after we get back.” And that is gone now!

Time will always be relative and when you don’t look forward to something, it seems to go faster and when you do look forward to something it seems to take forever.

We really have tried to counterbalance this thinking with this project but it’s still always hard when we take the time out to look at where the time has gone.

Summary of February 24


We had dinner at Le’s parents place and David sat in a different spot at the dining table today and saw the kitchen/dining area from a new perspective. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David saw a fish in a fish bowl, all by himself on the shelf. He asked how long that has been there and the answer was a fortnight now. And he never had even noticed. But we got talking about how the fish was removed from the rest of the tank because of the possibility that it is unwell. There had been a casualty in the fish tank recently and this was the possible culprit, due to his colour changes. So as a precaution Dad removed him from the tank, and put him in his own little fish bowl. 

The first few days, the isolated fish was very very sad and moved very little. But now he is back to his usual self and swimming around again like normal. 

David compared him to Le’s aunty. She will initially be sad to leave us all but in time, she will return to her usual self. With time, it does get easier. 


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