Day 54 of Project 2015

It was truly another Monday today. Nothing eventful, but every day there is some thing worth noting. That we woke up and are alive!

Every day, we need to take that one step to appreciating that it is another day that we get to live. Open our eyes while in bed and say “Here’s to another day!” No groaning or moaning over the alarm.

Our 3-year-old nephew had really wise words only just the other day, he said to his mum, “Mummy, I don’t want to waste time. I don’t want to waste a minute.” Now if a 3-year-old can see that, it was a timely reminder for us that we should see life in the same way!

Summary of February 23


We’ve started watching Once Upon a Time Season 3 and because we hired it from the video shop, we have to return it by tomorrow. So we’ve watched 5 episodes in one sitting this afternoon. Yeah, that’s pretty outrageous – even we acknowledge that! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It was toast for breakfast. And for some strange reason, the setting had been turned up high. So next thing you know, our kitchen is filled with smoke and the smell of burnt toast! Yikes! Ahhh – all in a day’s work, we fanned and fanned it away from our smoke alarms. We didn’t bat an eyelid 😉 


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