Day 53 of Project 2015

A gloriously long day today of being surrounded by good company. Actually it feels like for the past few days, all we have been doing is eating!!

We were fed extremely well today by our friends and then were fed another delicious meal for dinner by our parents! But it doesn’t matter because we laughed so hard, we must’ve surely burned off some calories 😉

And although, here we are at the end of another weekend – we feel so ready to say goodbye to it. We are once again, in total awe that we are still only in February – it feels like we have achieved so much in the year so far.

Summary of February 22


We met up with some friends and had a group of 6 and it was our first time altogether. And what a good laugh we had. It was a first of hopefully many. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We finished our first wooden transfer block this morning. And it didn’t quite turn out as we had hoped. But we weren’t going to let that get us down – instead we flipped the piece of wood over and attempted to work on the other side. So far… looking good *thumbs up* 


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