Day 51 of Project 2015

It’s Friday again… another week to go by!

Thursday nights are always our plan for the next week so when we do our grocery shop on a Friday night, we buy only what we need and being Friday night – the shops are wonderfully quiet so queues are short and shelf fillers are busy doing their jobs stacking the shelves for the weekend ahead.

It was no different tonight – except when we got home – for the FIRST time ever, we got to use a key to enter the building. That felt WEIRD but also “FUN” at the same time!

Summary of February 20


We have tackled another of our Xmas gifts – started watching Modern Family Season 5 ūüôā A night of good laughs as we¬†ploughed through some episodes.¬†

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It was just one of those days at work for David where at the end of the day, there were still things he wanted to do BUT instead of taking the work home, he decided to leave it until Monday because there wasn’t¬†anything that really¬†couldn’t wait. It’s not always easy letting go of things when you have set your mind to it. But you can always do it, if you try!¬†


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