Day 49 of Project 2015

We were in the city tonight and the amount of homeless people made us feel sad. The fighting that goes on around the world – there is so much hatred! That makes us feel so sad.

It is Ash Wednesday – the day that marks the beginning of Lent. The time where Catholics spread the Good News and be people of the Good News. Regardless of what your religious beliefs are… every day should be one where we treat each other with respect.

As they say, love is the worst enemy of hatred so we should be coming together and showing love. Rather than resentment, retaliation or revenge…. what about just accepting one another for who we are?!

When will mankind learn that as inhabitants of this Earth, we are the same species! Why can’t we just see each other as humans, as people? Remove the religion, the race, the colour, the age, the gender or the sexual orientation…. inside we are all made up the same.

Doesn’t matter how technologically advanced our society is when our morals and ethics seem to be regressing! We need to stop imparting what WE believe on one another. We just need to tolerate what each other believes in and not hurt one another. Or wouldn’t it be easier if we just agree to disagree and left it at that?

We know our views are simplistic and so basic… but society needs to remove the judgement first, then remove the pride that a certain view is right…. Let’s bring it back to basics and realise water, food, and air is what we need to survive regardless of who we are.

Summary of February 18


We went into town and saw the illuminated Terracotta Warriors to celebrate Chinese New Year. Today is technically Chinese New Years Eve! Bring in the year of the goat. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

So what good came out of today??! David got an all day park. We then went into Sydney CBD and found free parking. We then also got to watch fireworks that we had no idea were going to be fired in the Harbour. 


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