Day 48 of Project 2015

It’s Pancake Tuesday – the day before Lent begins. Hmmm… so what are we giving up this year??

We actually haven’t thought about it. We still have time though 😉

Did we make pancakes? Of course we did! We never go a Pancake Tuesday without eating pancakes!

Served up with vanilla ice cream, a bit of whipped cream and some maple syrup.

Le got to catch up with some friends that she used to work with today. It was such a lovely outdoor picnic, chatting to familiar faces like old times, except it wasn’t because she didn’t have to rush off to meetings 🙂

Summary of February 17


We tried Maple Syrup brought home from Canada courtesy of David’s parents. OMG – it is the most delicious maple syrup we have ever tried. So much tastier and not as sweet as some of the more commercialised ones we get here.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Le walked away from her catch up feeling no regrets or carrying no burdens of having left that workplace. She actually caught up with her best friend from primary school as well. They’ve been friends for about 28 years now. And they got talking today about life and society expectations. Her friend said that we should all be doing what we enjoy for once rather than doing what is expected of us. Likewise her catch up with her ex-colleagues, was about living in the now and being in the present.  It was just the reminder she/we needed.


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