Day 45 of Project 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

The day where flowers are flowing, chocolates are eaten, dinners are digested and romantic words are spilled to one another…..


How people choose to celebrate Valentines Day (if at all) is really up to them. The commercialisation of it does make us cringe and think its rather inappropriate. The intentions we sure are all good but what about all those people who don’t have a significant other, or have lost their significant other, or as a friend of ours put onto Facebook the other day, he is gay and he said he couldn’t even find a lovely card that was appropriate because they were all for a girlfriend or from a girlfriend. Isn’t that interesting? Just some food for thought.

So how do you think we celebrated it??! Well, it is Saturday …. and the World Cup cricket has started…. 😉 Yep, it was filled with cricket!

Summary of February 14


We made party pies at home today…. and for breakfast, we ate fairy bread! Hahahah…. yes we did! We ate fairy bread for breakfast 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions about the way we spent today. It was not David’s choice to have it filled with cricket. It was OUR choice. We don’t celebrate Valentines Day, so in fact today was just another Saturday. We don’t need to have a day to remind us to declare or show our love for one another by buying flowers or going out for dinners. Le sees it as an excuse for women to have another day where they can claim to be “spoilt”. She’s a none-of-that-nonsense type of girl. We will shower each other with love every day, no gifts can amount to the importance of us just spending whenever we can with one another. Loving and respecting and appreciating each other should be every day, not just on the one day that has been so overly commercialised that flowers and chocolates are “specifically” made and packaged for this day. Oh…puhlease!


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