Day 44 of Project 2015

Another day with lots of little goodies for us… just small things… but still made us go YAY!

David got an all-park at work. TICK

Our favourite yoghurt was on special for $1 a tub. TICK

Le got to witness with her own eyes, our 2-month-old nephew, not poo or wee in his nappy but in fact grunt until his nappy was removed and he was placed on the toilet… where he did his business. It apparently has become a habit for him to not do his business in his nappy and today we got proof. TICK

We got a park when we got home late today (that hardly ever happens on a Friday). TICK

We got a few emails relating to our travel blog that really perked us up and our numbers on the different social media for it are almost all hitting milestones. TICK

And to top it off…it’s Friday. TICK

Summary of February 13


We played and finished a game of trivial pursuit in less than an hour… we are becoming quite the trivia whizzes 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Our new outlook on life is rubbing off on people… at least we hope so. We have been living with this decreased/non-existent level of stress. And when people are coming to us with their problems or issues and are stressed… we pass on our school of thought. “Stressing isn’t going to change the current situation as it stands. First step is to accept what has happened and then work towards making changes or solving it….” Acceptance has made a huge change in our lives…. 


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