Day 43 of Project 2015

How do the weeks come round so quickly? It’s such a weird thing to say especially when we are on a mission to slow down our year!

But the weeks come round fast yet once again, we can’t believe that we are only in mid-February! It seems soooo slow!

It’s that time of year where we visit the dentist! Is there anyone out there who genuinely enjoys visiting the person who pries your mouth open while sticking all these instruments in to attack your gums and teeth??!! Maybe we don’t make it very appealing but the dentist isn’t really somewhere we enjoy going AND we have a nice dentist.

Summary of February 12


We left at the same time this morning but for the first time, we headed off differently; David in the car and Le on foot. That has NEVER happened. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Secretly, we dread our annual visits to the dentist BUT we love that feeling afterwards where our teeth feel so sparkling and polished 🙂 We know that the little discomfort is always going to be way better than dental issues down the track. Brush, floss and regular dentist visits is a must in our personal hygiene 🙂 


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