Day 42 of Project 2015

With only two weeks left of summer, it is still very very warm. Daylight savings will too soon come to an end *sigh*

We’ve sold a few things on eBay which we moved on out today – Selling this way is neat because not only are we helping with a little bit of extra money, it also helps with the decluttering that we are undertaking of our home. Bit by bit we are clearing things – a garage sale is also in store for next month to help get rid of more.

We are smiling at how good it feels to be able to find homes for things that we don’t want. We always hope that the people who bought make good use of those things.

Summary of February 11


This morning, instead of a cardio workout – we chose a pilates/yoga stretching one – and gosh it felt relaxing and refreshing. A double whammy of newbies, we are also off to watch a movie mid-week.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Some of the items we were selling have been listed for months now… but we kept relisting…. and thanks to timing, someone found what they were looking for and have bought it. There is fate for every little thing that happens, even when it comes down to a little bitty item. If it’s meant to be, its meant to be. No forcing the issue, no giving up on the issue…. 


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