Day 41 of Project 2015

Why is it that when a person is not in full-time permanent employment, it raises so many questions?

Without fail, Le gets asked every day at least ONCE by someone whether she has found work.

Le’s doing some freelance stuff which isn’t full-time or permanent and not to mention she does plenty of the stuff around the home, which technically can be classified as work but just because it’s not paid work, it’s no big deal??

The assumptions seem to be that only the following are not in full-time and permanent work:

(A) maternity leave or looking after children

(B) unemployed (not by choice i.e. due to inability to find work, redundancy etc)

(C) retired

Here’s a thought!! How about being unemployed because the person is trying to find a job that fulfils them? Or looking for the right job that might not be in their current skill set? Or wanting to work for a cause? Or not wanting to work because they don’t have to or need to at this point in their lives?

What is the point in having a job if it makes you miserable? Because it pays the bills? What’s the point of getting paid really well only to be super stressed and have no work/life balance?

Let’s get real and actually not pass judgement! Let’s just embrace the fact that someone is trying to break the cycle of societal expectations and conform.

Le is so blessed to have her parents and sisters (and of course husband) so supportive of her decision to look and hopefully land something that she is happy with. AND where she can be true to herself!

As Confucius said:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Summary of February 10


David tried a different way home … just to change it up. And lo and behold, he turned into a dead end street. So he turned right around and instead went the way he normally would 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

The way we see it, is all the positives that are coming out of Le not working. We get to spend a lot more time together, we get to spend a lot more time together with a happy, not-tired, overworked and a stress-free Le. A household with positive energy and stress-free is worth more than any full-time permanent job. David has this joke that he drives “zombies” past in the city – we don’t want to be one of those who walk around lifeless with a look of angst as they head to work. 



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