Day 40 of Project 2015

First thing this morning, we spent some quiet time for a quick meditation. It does make a difference for the day.

We felt really productive, focused and energised.

There was a moment of weakness today where we missed being on the Camino. The experience that converted us to the life we are leading now. One of these days, we will get back there and do it all over again….

Summary of February 9


After work, we sat down and read a little before we had dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It was only last week that we got our energy bill… and we were shocked by the cost. Then over the weekend, we had a door-knocker, trying to offer us 10% to change to their energy company. So today, we contacted our energy company and they were willing to offer us 15% discount, just like that! There really is no harm in asking sometimes… 


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