Day 39 of Project 2015

Here we are at the end of another weekend. We spent today with our family, from one to the next and then another.

And the weekends are not seemingly to fly past as fast anymore. Maybe we have slowly found the secret formula to slow down time in our minds.

Actually we were talking today about how ever since we have adopted the “brighter” perspective, that people around us all seem to be in better moods. People seem to be friendly, more pleasant and more patient. Maybe it is just our perception of them or maybe the positive energy we are sending out is attracting more positive energy. Who really knows? All we need to know is that every day is more pleasant because of it.

Summary of February 8


We went to a new park for breakfast this morning. It was a lovely and different way to start the morning. We also ate a mega leg of ham with the folks too. Never seen it so big outside of Christmas 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

For the first time this entire year so far, we experienced/witnessed impatience on the road. Not from us, but from a car behind us – beeping us for nothing really because we were turning right and he wasn’t happy. This time last year, we may have been annoyed that we were beeped for nothing, but this year, we shrugged and said to each other, “Gee, why are some people in such a rush and so impatient?” 


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