Day 37 of Project 2015

TGIF!! There is a fair bit we have planned for this weekend, let’s see if we can achieve them all.

We will roll it out in the posts as we do it….

And for today, it was pretty stock standard. Wake up, breakfast, work, lunch, dinner, grocery shop and now TV.

See??! Pretty stock standard… so did we do anything new??

Summary of February 6


The most NEW thing we did today was try mango chutney flavoured papadum curl chips… they were yummy but with a  bite to it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

So we could be disappointed that today was “routine” and ordinary – but instead we see it as a reminder of how we don’t want every day to be like this. We need to be sure to change things up otherwise, the days will roll into one. 


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