Day 31 of Project 2015

The last day of the first month of the year. And a pretty jam-packed month it was to start the year. But it’s only the beginning – and we are really looking forward to how each day will continue to unravel.

Today is also the day Australia became AFC Champions! YAY.

We love Saturdays for many reasons… for obvious reasons, such as it marks the first day of the weekend. And then for other reasons like it always feels more like a “fun” day because there are always things planned. And the added bonus now for us is that Saturday is our rest day from our fitness regime – huge plus! Saturdays are also days when we enter the weekly photo challenge with our travel blog and really get to express our different perspective. Without realising it until now, we were already looking at a different perspective before starting this project.

Summary of January 31


We chose to do something new to the kitchen. We rearranged the contents of our cupboards. To keep us on the ball…. make our brains have to relearn something. Nothing more dull than the same thing in the same place all the time 😉 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

David played cricket again today (being a Saturday) and he scored 17 runs – not a huge score BUT it was extra runs that his team needed. Every run counts which is the way we saw it. 


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