Day 30 of Project 2015

Today is Friday and although we are excited that it means the weekend is upon us, our excitement isn’t really beyond what we feel any other day.

Every day for us is now on the same playing field because we are remaining open-minded.

The weekend doesn’t mean “sleep ins” at least not beyond 7 anymore. Those are one thing we don’t mind getting rid of. Waking early and making the most of our days has injected so much more energy into our lives. This love of living for the day and in the now is addictive. Our minds are clear, peaceful and quiet. Other than when we were on the Camino, we are in a good place on so many levels.

Summary of January 30


David drove a different way to work. Going the same way every day means that we do know approximately how long it will take and what the traffic will be like. Yet our fear of the unknown keeps us from wanting to change the routines. But nah, with the new attitude to embrace each day…. today, it was a new route 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective

Sometimes in life, it is worth just asking! That may sound entirely vague but we were once advised by a friend that “If you don’t ask, you have accepted the answer to be no.” And really if you ask and someone says “no”, then you at least know. But what if the answer was yes…. that changes everything, right?


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