Day 29 of Project 2015

One more day until the weekend but who is counting?!! Yes us… even though, we shouldn’t be if we are meant to be in the now 🙂 But we can’t help it.

As we sit here now, reflecting on the day, we are eating a new flavour from Ben & Jerry’s called Chubby Hubby… hhmmmm… well too many of those will certainly make the hubbies chubby (and their wives too).

Listening to one another and hearing about everything we did for the day… it allows us to appreciate what the other does. We don’t do that often but it is eye opening to do it once in a while 🙂

Summary of January 29


We set the alarm once again for 5.30am to wake up and do some exercise. Instead, when the alarm went off, we didn’t go back to sleep nor did we get up, but more just lay in bed and lazed around for almost an hour. It made the day feel like a weekend, a highly unusual way to start a working day!

Brighter/Different Perspective?

So our lazing about in the morning meant that we couldn’t do our Day 2 exercise….. Instead of feeling guilty or feeling like we had failed, we scheduled in to exercise instead in the afternoon after David got back from work. So not only did we do our Day 2 of the program, we also went for a walk too. Never feel defeated…. there is always a way! 🙂



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