Day 27 of Project 2015

Our lives are “back to normal” now for another 10 or so weeks. And we have much planned for the next several weeks but with our plight to live in the now, we won’t get ahead of ourselves and think about those. We will just continue taking each day as it comes.

Today it rained and rained and rained. It in fact never let up. So as David went to work, Le stayed home and worked on her assignments – second last one for the course.

Now we sit down in front of the TV and trying to watch an Aussie win the tennis and the Aussies win in the soccer. Getting dizzy flicking through the channels.

Summary of January 27


We streamed exercise videos from our laptop onto our TV, so we could watch the big screen without having to scrutinise our laptop. Our TV is now all wired up … black cords dangling everywhere 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Instead of being sad that work and routine starts again in our lives, we treat today just like it was any other day. We woke up, we exercised, we had a delicious breakfast and stayed enthusiastic and happy.


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