Day 26 of Project 2015

Happy Australia Day! And it was wet, grey and windy! Definitely not a typical Sydney summer day, that’s for sure. But that didn’t stop us from having a good day.

How did we celebrate?

We started the morning with a BBQ breakfast, played some board games, had a game of undercover cricket and of course we had lamb for dinner and lamington log roll for dessert. We spent the morning with some of the family and then we spent the afternoon just the two of us… Winding down just before David starts work again tomorrow. After almost 6 weeks together, once again, it will be weird to not be hanging out with each other.

Summary of January 26 


We didn’t have lunch today. Well, we did, but we had a mango. After the enormous BBQ breakfast, we were not hungry and opted for a lighter lunch. But by 4.30pm or so, we were pretty peckish and had an early dinner which made the evening feel sooooo long 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although it rained, we still went for a walk to the grocery store. Like the rain, we just like things in life to be light and refreshing. The true test for this project will start tomorrow with work becoming a part of our daily routine. Let’s see how we go…..


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