Day 25 of Project 2015

This morning we slept in. We currently have our alarm set at 5 am… the aim is to have an early start and make the most of every day. But we slept right through the alarm and only woke when it was finally screeching at us. After slapping the alarm off, we rolled over and both fell asleep again.

Golly, what is the point of alarm? Why can we not commit to waking when it goes off? Why do those snoozes feel so gratifying?

One thing we know is for certain, we need to have a new years resolution to change that. To GET UP when the alarm goes off…. is it too late to add another resolution for 2015? It’s NEVER too late 🙂

If we can change our way of thinking and be more positive, then we can change our mindset about that dreaded alarm.

Summary of January 25


We went to a suburb that we have only visited a couple of times for dinner. To see it during the day was interesting because we found some good finds in terms of shops and restaurants for future. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We enjoy our soy chai lattes however, we do prefer them using powder form rather than the leaf form or the syrup. Today when we ordered one, we saw the barista use the syrup, we were a little wary as to how the flavour and taste would go as it really can vary significantly. But we kept an open mind and when we drank it, it tasted fine. 


2 thoughts on “Day 25 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    Gosh, my first thought was, how are you still asleep at 5 am when the sun is already up then, but then I remembered you lucky ducks have daylight saving!

    You obviously needed more sleep and you should never argue with what your body is telling you!


    • YES! It is a rather good point you make about us needing sleep… We should n ever argue with the body. Pushing it harder just means we will pay for it later.

      We LOVE daylight savings…. dread that winter is almost knocking on our door again!

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