Day 20 of Project 2015

Today marks us being together officially 10 years. We think about what we have achieved in those 10 years and we have to say that it has been tremendous. The next 10 has a lot of pressure to be just as awesome if not more amazing 🙂

We have travelled over 40 countries totalling almost 14 months of travel together, we have bought 2 cars and an apartment, we renovated our apartment to a state where we feel like we need to do no more, Le has changed 3 jobs, David has secured a permanent full-time position, we’ve started blogging, Le has become godmother 5 times, David has become a godfather once, we walked the Camino, we have become uncle and aunty to 8 nephews and nieces. These are probably the major events that have come to mind and there are so many other statistics we could potentially provide!

Summary of January 20


We went to the Australian Museum today, which is somewhere we haven’t been in many many years. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The way we look at wanting to travel more right now, is that when we look back we have spent 15% of our time together travelling. That’s pretty significant, we think 🙂 


7 thoughts on “Day 20 of Project 2015

  1. Congratulations on your decade of togetherness. Isn’t it wonderful to take stock of what has been and the joys of whats to come. Life your life to the brim and enjoy each and everyday together. Xx


    • Thank you!! It is only when we reflect on how much we have achieved that we realise that we have achieved a lot, otherwise the days just roll on into each other and every day is just another day! Life cannot be that way, right?? Have a wonderful week.


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