Day 19 of Project 2015

On our walk this morning, we saw such a large array of birds. We are not familiar with all their names but it was such a treat to be able to see nature so close to the “big smoke” that is Sydney.

It was an oxymoron of sorts – we had birds flying overhead, we heard kookaburras laughing, galahs swooping around and in between those glorious moments, we had a stream of aeroplanes coming in for landing for the early morning flights.

Our goal is to be in bed early tonight so we can then roll into the early starts again. It really makes the days a lot more productive and we feel great.

We are already noticing little and subtle differences in our mood…. Don’t care if it is not scientific but this project for us is working šŸ™‚

Summary of January 19


Back-to-back days of 7 km walks and pre-6am starts is definitely a newbie for us…. it will soon become the norm…hopefully!

Brighter/Different Perspective?

WeĀ believe in positive and negative energies. Staying positive is a truly wonderful thing. It can bring goodness inĀ small and big ways. We like to be open and see where it can take us. It doesn’t have to beĀ profound goodness that appears but small packages of goodness too. Have faith and believe – are our little gems for now!


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