Day 18 of Project 2015

The day that went on forever!!

We are ready to wind down and yet it is only a quarter past 8 as we write this. So it is official, we can make the days seem longer and not just blink away.

And the secret? Is to do a LOT but not in a frantic, panic, we’re-so-busy-kind-of-way. More of a leisurely “get-things-done” sort of a way and they were not ALL fun stuff either.

We woke up by 6 and went for a 7km walk, along the way, grabbed a muffin, then came home, showered got ready for church, went to church, went to Officeworks to look for a new document shredder, only to conclude while we were there that our current one was fine. So we went back home and while Le shredded documents and paperwork from 5+ years ago that were NOT necessary to keep. David went through all the things that he had brought home from his parents place. And we managed to CLEAR everything by lunchtime, stopped to enjoy a healthy lunch before we made several trips to the recycling and rubbish bins. Next, it was to move things to the garage; categorising items as “storage” OR “garage sale”. Then we finished with a delicious home cooked fettucine boscaiola while watching the final ever episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Summary of January 18


We did some storage rearranging in the apartment and we were more definitive with what happened to things – we would either find them a home for GOOD, or we would end up freeing more space 🙂 And we found the latter happened a LOT today! Hooray for more decluttering. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although we spent a huge chunk of today doing the most mundane of things, we now have our place sorted in a way that we are quite comfortable with. There are a few final piles of documents for David to sort through but otherwise, we are pretty much there. And we were spending it together – wouldn’t want to be sorting with anyone else than each other? 🙂 


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