Day 17 of Project 2015

Today’s Weekly Photo Challenge was serenity. And maybe because the first thing we did this morning was post our photo on our other blog, that it set the mood for us for the rest of the day.

That is how we felt. We felt so peaceful today despite the busyness of everything going on. There was plenty of running around from about 8 am this morning until 9 pm this evening and yet we feel so calm.

We actually walked to the shops tonight only to have the ONE credit card that we carried with us to not work. We called up the bank and their voice recording said that they had technical issues currently. So we had to leave our items, walk back home and pick up another card.

As soon as we walk through the door, we played CAT and MOUSE with a big fat cockroach that had gotten in somehow.

Then we walked back up to the shop, paid for our items that had been put aside. And throughout that ordeal we did not felt annoyed or hassled or bothered at all.

Summary of January 17 


It was a day when we got to see every member of our immediate family 🙂 We saw both our parents, all our brothers and sisters and sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws. We saw our 8 nieces and nephews.This does occasionally happen on Christmas but to have it happen “not-on-Christmas” was awesome. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Kids are so innocent and say the darndest things.We should really take a page out of their books with how to think. Our little niece Miss 3, asked Le if she had sparkles on her shoe, to which Le answered that she didn’t. Miss 3 then said, Le needed to get adult shoes with sparkles, if not she would give Le hers when Le became a kid! Gotta love their way of thinking. So generous yet so random 🙂 



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