Day 10 of Project 2015

Cricket, cricket and more cricket! We watch the Test match by day and then watch the Big Bash by night. And Saturday, David plays cricket in the mornings too.

It is definitely an overload of cricket but really – it’s only a couple more months before the season ends so we might as well get our “fix” while we can.

We also finished the puzzle at midnight this morning – piece by piece we did it and feel so accomplished 🙂

Summary of January 10


We had a few games of Scrabble today while the cricket was on. Time to work on our vocabulary some more and challenge the brain to something different. Got to keep those ole cog wheels turning.

Brighter/Different Perspective

We walked up the road for dinner with the family tonight. Le’s got a few relatives here from interstate and overseas so we ate at a local Italian restaurant. It rained as we left the restaurant and we had no umbrella. We welcomed the coolness on our skin after days of heat and humidity. We didn’t rush home and in fact didn’t even blink an eyelid over it. We walked slowly and leisurely all the way home!


2 thoughts on “Day 10 of Project 2015

  1. Where is the picture of the jigsaw? I was wondering if it was a Wasgij. They are pretty cool puzzles for the brain cells.
    By the way I am enjoying this new “journey” of self improvement/motivation/discovery. I’m on a very similar blog path but this time I am under the name of The Chelle Seeker.
    All the very best,


    • Oh we will have to share the photo of the puzzle tomorrow! It wasn’t a Wasgij – actually has been a while since we did one of those.

      Thanks Michelle for your encouraging comment – we must track down your other blog. The Camino just changes us, doesn’t it?


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