Day 8 of Project 2015

Success in making our days appear longer. For two days in a row, we have jam-packed our day with all sorts of things. Things we wouldn’t normally do and things that we do … and gosh, hasn’t it just made the days seem like forever?

Today, we played cricket, played boardgames, built Lego, had relatives visit, watched 2 movies on DVD, watched the 4th Cricket Test, went for a walk, spoke to the bank, got tickets for Les Miserables later in the year and then somewhere in between squeezed in three meals 🙂

Exhausted much? Kind of but not really.

Summary of January 8


Woke up really early in the morning to make the most of our day – up by 5.30am to seize the day – and that we did! Thinking we could get use to having such a fulfilled day. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Our world experienced yet another act of violence today – seemingly more and more common these days. No one is in the right when they are hurting others… doesn’t matter which “side” you are on… Violence never equals anything good because there are always innocent people who suffer. 

What happened today in Paris brought a city together. Similar to what happened to Sydney at the Lindt Cafe. It brought a city of millions together. Maybe these acts of hatred are actually the catalysts that awaken the sense of community – even though it may be short-lived, everyone becomes connected with tragedy.  

Rather than living in this hustle-bustle life where it’s every man for himself, these events move society towards a time and place where we learn that nothing is greater than the human spirit and support of one another. We realise that coming together is what we need and what we are missing from this cyber-silo lives that we are becoming victims of. 

What is the nemesis of HATRED? That’s an easy one – we all know it’s LOVE 🙂 


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