Day 6 of Project 2015

Sometimes it feels like we have this many things to do before we feel accomplished, right?



Even though, we are both on holidays at the moment, every day seems to be “busy” doing things. Yet being lazy and doing nothing seems like a waste of the day. What is the win-win here?

We’ll do a jigsaw puzzle! If we can’t piece together every detail of every day then we will piece together something else 🙂

With the cricket on in the background, the washing and housework done before 10 – we both feel extremely accomplished for today and reward ourselves with relaxing.

Who says we have to be busy all the time? Or feel like we have to be doing something?

A wise woman once said, “If your house is tidy, it looks clean. An untidy house that may be clean, will look dirty.” Thanks Grandma for that one 🙂 

Summary of January 6


We started a jigsaw puzzle, something that we hadn’t done in long while but was inspired by seeing David’s mum doing her jigsaw!

Brighter/Different Perspective

Just because we are NOT doing something productive, doesn’t mean we are NOT doing something.




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