Day 4 of Project 2015

What a glorious day in Sydney! And then it turned really hot and humid, with crazy winds.

We weren’t going to let today be just “any old” Sunday. We wanted to make the most of our waking day. So Le spontaneously suggested we go to Bondi Markets in a 2-hour window that we had before heading over to the folks.

David wasn’t convinced that we would have the time but we gave it a go anyway and managed to squeeze it in!  We ended up doing plenty today but not in an overpacked and rushed day.

It is easy for us to fall into a trap of just wanting to chill or relax when we have days off. And we find the days just pass us by so quickly when we do.

Although, we did a lot, we were still relaxed and taking it easy. We had fun. We achieved things and enjoyed ourselves. We are packing the right attitude and are finding that we are feeling fulfilled.

Summary of January 4


Thanks to the heat while at Bondi, we opted to have an ice-cream by 11.00 in the morning. We ate Ben & Jerry’s and got three-scoops to share and tried 2 different flavours. There was plenty of “trying different and new” things this morning. 


Brighter/Different Perspective?

Today we helped put away some Christmas decorations. How quickly Christmas comes and goes. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the decorations went up, right? We both have nostalgia when we see Christmas things, takes us both back to our individual childhoods – and we are still the biggest kids when it comes to Christmas. We love decorating and find that the Christmas spirit is so magical. There is just so much excitement and festivities in the air and we find that when it’s time for the decorations to come down, the feeling of the magic seems to dissipate.

Does it really have to disappear until next Christmas? Well it shouldn’t. Every day IS exciting, every day IS magical, every day IS a blessing. That Christmas spirit is in all those who love Christmas – let that spirit shine all year round. 

Thinking every day is a drag does no favours for anyone. Don’t be an “Every Day Scrooge” because no one likes a Scrooge 🙂 


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