Day 3 of Project 2015

An interesting morning for both of us as we both awoke to rather vivid dreams. Le dreaming about crowds and queues and buses heading in wrong directions. David dreaming about villains chasing him into water and then him fighting back.

We are by no means experts in dream interpretation but could our dreams be a sign that we need to start shaking any negativity away from us?

For Le – is there an element of moving on and feeling confused about where she is going? There is a lot of chaos and people around that are hindering what she needs to do?!

For David – is he trying to run away from something toxic in his life? He needs to face and fight rather than run?

How it would be wonderful to be able to know what our dreams mean? One of our goals also for this year is to try and practice lucid dreaming – all as part of our spiritual discovery.

Summary of January 3


We woke up earlier than usual and went for a 7km walk this morning. We felt so refreshed and energised the entire day.

Brighter/Different Perspective

As the sun started to shine it’s fiery rays down, we began to get weary but came across this Indigenous Sculpture: “The Serpent”. The way we also see this, is an arrow up. That there is always an “up” to every down šŸ™‚ No matter what we dream, as long as our conscious stays happy and uplifted, we can continue achieving anything.



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