Trying to keep the Camino alive

Right! So it’s been one month since we arrived back home to Sydney after our adventure abroad.

It was time to live our “normal” lives again ad try to put a bit of what we learned into practise. And have we? Yeaaahhhh….. of course!

Every day, we seem to experience a little something that reminds us of the Camino; a snail, a butterfly, a story about a Templar Knight, an email from one of our Camino pals. Nothing is “just” what it is anymore.And yes, we do want to relive the Camino moments again. Will it ever be out of our blood and bones? We hope not!

Yesterday, we picked up our framed passports and certificates and now it is hanging proudly on our wall. We can relive those moments daily now!


But before we had this on our wall, in an attempt one weekend to take us back to those days, we watched the movie “The Way” starring Martin Sheen.

Before we had even left for Europe, everyone was raving about how we should watch the movie before we go. And then on the Camino, people talked about the movie so fondly. But we didn’t want to see it until after our Camino. We wanted the Camino to be an experience without any preconceptions. We were SO glad we didn’t watch the movie before we left.

Were we disappointed? Most definitely. We felt it was rather an inaccurate portrayal of the experience. Maybe we were fortunate but we never met a single pilgrim that was so negative, cynical, rude and disrespectful as the ones portrayed in the movie. With all due respect, we get that the movie needed to have some sort of “drama” but we felt it was too over the top.

We don’t even want to go into detail about the other inaccuracies of the movie. The characters were enough to make us cringe. Maybe we should’ve watched the movie before we left after, we would’ve been pleasantly surprised.

BUT we will admit that the scenery was accurate. It did make us nostalgic.

Looking back at some of our photos, it still takes our breath away. These are some of the photos we shared on our travel blog.

IMG_5130 IMG_5166 IMG_5039 IMG_5022 IMG_4879 IMG_5948 IMG_4813

**A big sigh**

Eventually we need to let go of our Camino feelings. Why did it feel so good?

We’ve got to keep the momentum going with maintaining those positive feeling and energies in our every day!

So far … so good 🙂


8 thoughts on “Trying to keep the Camino alive

  1. It has been 5.5 months since I finished my journey and I still feel a “buzz” of the Camino spirit in my everyday life. I am constantly being praised for my positive vibe at work, which is beginning to be transforming on others.
    I truly believe every day is a gift and I love counting my blessings.
    I have tentative plans to walk the Camino Norte in 2016 and after following your journey, this time I will take my husband!
    May the spirit live on for the rest of our wonderful days.
    Buen camino


    • Oh Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing that with us! It gives us hope that it won’t just fade away 🙂
      Camino Norte, we hear is harder from a terrain perspective but also because of it being less commercialised, means further and fewer accommodation spots. BUT we have also heard that it is more spectacular scenery….. 😉
      It was interesting before we walked how many people we met who had done the Camino more than once. While we were doing it on those TOUGH days, we felt that it would be crazy to do it again but now we are home and reminisce, we can see why people want to go back. We DO!

      And it is so refreshing to hear your positive vibe is rubbing off. It is amazing how a positive, “it’s not THAT BIG a deal” attitude can affect those around you. We’ve had a few minor hiccup things happen and instead of “complaining” to the companies, we have called up politely to explain the situation and the outcome is always wonderful – for us and for the customer service representative on the phone. No one’s day is ruined! We have in fact been graciously thanked for our patience and understanding. It is refreshing for everyone!

      There is just no point getting worked up over things – all that negative vibe and energy does us NO good, right?! 🙂

      Thank you again Michelle for reading and for sharing your thoughts. Maybe our paths will cross on the Camino one day or elsewhere outside of this blog!


  2. nancy1 says:

    The photos are beautiful. You were right not to watch the movie. Haven’t got to the part of the book yet where he does the walk. The book is really boring so far. Love mum x


  3. Two years since I walked the Norte. Last year I started from Le Puy in smaller stages – to be continued next year. Never a day goes past when I don’t relive part of those experiences and live them as a slightly changed person. ( For the better I hope! ). And i still love to read the blogs from others, either on the walk or, like you now, making sense of it afterwards. Thanks for your blog.


    • Thank you so much for leaving us your comment. And apologies for the delayed response. We remember meeting so many people who were walking for a second, third, fourth time and we could not understand why they would want to do it more than once. And now, all we do it wish to do it again. We are contemplating doing the one from Seville. Let’s see if we can one day 🙂


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