Day 39 – Sarria to Portomarin

This is our last leg now! And we eased through the first day 🙂 It started off with a drizzle before turning into heavier rain for about half an hour. That meant sloshing through mud. There was some parts of the track where the path was no longer visible, probably submerged in about 4 cm of water which meant the feet had to wade in some water for a little bit.

But it was no big deal – it’s only water, right?

The track was busier today, which was really refreshing to see. Many more faces and a different type of energy. The energy of people who were only starting so it reminded us fondly of our first day!

There was plenty of chit chat and buzz around…. Which has certainly been different for us as we have been walking with little noise around us for the past 35 days or so!

And it certainly took some getting use to. It is like we are slowly being integrated and reintroduced into ordinary life again.

So what is that teaching us?

That our lives are filled with routine and we need to ensure there is variety and new things introduced. We can be creatures of habits and sometimes change rattles us a bit but mixing things up creates a little excitement and intrigue. Different and new doesn’t necessarily equal a change for the worse. It probably should be seen as fresh and revitalizing.

So with an attitude of welcoming change, imagine all the different opportunities and experiences that can occur. And if not, well at least life won’t be boring or dull!



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