Day 36 – O Cebreiro to Triacastela

It has officially sunk in! We will be home in 2 weeks. It is all becoming a little surreal that our walk ends in exactly a week’s time.

Where has the time gone when every day seems so long and the nights do as well. But here we are one town out of arriving at Sarria where many pilgrims start the walk which qualifies for the compostela (i.e. walk at least 100km).

To think we have come this far… that means walking over 650 km or so. Really?? When we decided to do it, it was kind of on a whim and then as the time approached, there was a little anxiety and “fear” about whether this was achievable. Knowing that for thousands of years, millions of pilgrims have embarked on this same journey, why couldn’t we?

Then we started worrying about whether we would get lost. How will we know where to go? Did we carry too much? What if we get stranded with no water or no food? All the worse case scenarios were dominating our thought patterns. And just the anxiety of whether we were fit enough to not only walk those distances per day but also whether we could climb those massive hills and then have to back it up day after day.

And ultimately, we committed to doing it and we are doing it! And there was nothing for us to really worry about at all. So why did we let those worries or fears plague us before we even started. Maybe because we didn’t believe in ourselves as much as we should. Maybe because we let our mind/fear get the better of us. Maybe because what lies ahead is unknown to us.

But as it turns out, the unknown doesn’t have to be scary, or ugly, or nasty, or negative! In fact, the unknown in this walk for us has only revealed itself to be beautiful, majestic, magical, rewarding, harmonious, uplifting, enlightening…and the list goes on. Throw in (1) meeting many great people, (2) teaching us lessons about ourselves and life, (3) an opportunity to truly have some time alone with our mind and thoughts; and (4) getting back with nature and appreciating everything that has been given to us on this earth. And what do you get when you mix all these together? The Camino – and us coming out on the other side with not only a different outlook on life, but a more positive attitude towards ourselves, one another and those that surround us.

We won’t get ahead of ourselves yet because we still have about 130-odd km to walk but the lesson we want to share is NOT LETTING FEAR guide our thoughts.

Fear can hinder the decisions we make because then we begin to speculate. Fair enough, if we want to be scared of running through an African safari with a lion chasing us. There is legitimate fear and then there is fear which is created in our minds based on no evidence.

So until we know for sure something BAD is going to happen or is highly likely to happen, there is really no need for us to worry so much in advance about something that “may” happen although as unlikely as it “may” be.



4 thoughts on “Day 36 – O Cebreiro to Triacastela

  1. Great attitude! I love your life lessons.
    Can I make a suggestion- from Triacastela we took the longer trail to Sarria passing through the beautiful town of Samos. It is really worth the extra few km especially to do a tour through the monastery when you get there. Lots of history and stunning architecture.
    Enjoy your final days.
    Michelle 😇


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