Day 35 – Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro

So what is better than sloshing through mud for 2 hours? Sloshing through mud, dodging cow poo and cows, walking on slippery rocks and going uphill for about 10 km in 2 hours. All while hoping it doesn’t rain. Yeh, sounds awesome right? And it seriously was!

Today we were blessed to not have any rain for the climb and we were graced with simply amazing views across the countryside. The clouds came and went as did the sun. But the entire morning was lovely. This morning when we woke up, we had packed our right attitude. We are now in Galicia at O Cebreiro and the climb was certainly one of our easier ones.

We are now in a room above a bar where we had read reviews on Tripadvisor about “rude staff”. We have read these type of service reviews often in our travels and have learned to take it with a grain of salt.

We are not travellers that expect that where we travel to, will be like it is at home. Because the reality is, it won’t! We don’t expect similar food options that we are familiar with. We don’t expect local people to be able to speak English. We don’t expect there to be air-conditioning etc etc.

But admittedly, we do get a little put off when people are rude to us sometimes! We may try to speak the language in a restaurant or hotel but get very little back from our waiter or reception staff.

We were speaking to a fellow pilgrim the other day who said something rather true. Who are we to think that we deserve to be treated “a certain way”? That certain way is by a standard that the community has set in our own countries.

So the fact that we are David and Le counts for nothing?? Who?? That’s exactly it! Everyone is the same and everyone local or tourist or expat are alike. We don’t need amazing wonderful service or need people to be serving us! They are working just like what we do when we are at home. This whole ridiculous notion that “the customer is always right” has been fed to certain societies to make US think we have a right to be right. Which for some people think it also allows them to be demanding!

Let’s just stop once in a while and ask what our expectations are for when we are being served in a shop, in a restaurant or on a bus. Does it really affect our experience? Of course it does, but maybe that’s all in our heads. And really we should be thinking about what we are really getting out of it. We still walk out with the dress we came in to buy, or the meal we came into eat, and the bus got us to where we needed to be.

We are not suggesting that rudeness is acceptable. But maybe the person serving us, had a bad day or just had an awful customer before us. Or maybe we have had a bad day ourselves and have subconsciously expected that everyone should therefore be nicer to us!

So before we are critical of the service we are getting anywhere or start complaining, we need to stop and really think about why we care so much. And so what, if we didn’t get the service we expected? Maybe we are caring for the right reason, then that’s ok! But if we are caring just because we want to have something to whinge about…. Then maybe we need to think twice before complaining!

Check our attitude before we blame someone else’s attitude! And sometimes, it’s better to say, “So what?” and move on – life is too short to worry about not getting the service we expect!


5 thoughts on “Day 35 – Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    And if everything abroad was the same as at home, what would be the point in travelling?
    I am so impressed that you have the energy to write these long posts each night after a long day’s walk. But grateful that you do! 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment Melinda 🙂 Spot on as you say – If everything was like home, there would be NO point in travelling!

      We are loving writing these posts because it really is like our debrief! Our minds, all day, think of nothing and then we kind of hit the download when we finally stop to reflect on the day!

      So pleased that more than just our family are reading these posts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Melinda Lusmore says:

    Oh, I am going to miss these when you finish. I know a few people considering walking the Camino who are not on Facebook. Would you mind if I emailed out the link to this site?


    • Hi Melinda, thank you so much for reading. We hope that our Camino has opened our eyes more to our life and we hope to keep up the life lessons or positive outlook and therefore will continue to post here 🙂
      And we absolutely have no problems with you sharing this link. We would be more than happy to have our thoughts shared if you think someone will find it useful!
      Also – we would like to sincerely thank you for your donation. Your support of Angelman Syndrome is so very touching to us!


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