Day 32 –Molinaseca to Villafranca del Bierzo

We wanted to visit the Templar Castle in Ponferrada but sadly, that is closed on Monday  😦 But because tomorrow is our rest day we will be sure to catch a bus back from here and visit it in the morning.

The weather has turned a little now, it is getting cooler and we are entering Galicia where apparently the weather becomes more unpredictable. And this afternoon, we got rain… rain is predicted for the next few days but oh well, what can we do?

Today, we stopped for a hot chocolate and found there was a pinball machine in sight! Aha – we haven’t played on one for ages!!! So 2 Euros later we had a few goes, David being slightly more successful than Le J But what is more important is that we had a blast.

Our inner child really shone and we felt like we had no inhibitions amongst a bunch of adults to play this game that clearly was intended for “kids”. And so it got us thinking, we were laughing and giggling like school kids – we all have that inner child in us. Just because we are clocking up the years, doesn’t mean that our minds need to grow serious or that we can’t be silly sometimes.

We need to let loose and we just need to be free. We’ve hit a point on the Camino where we truly feel free. Whether it was the unloading we did yesterday at Cruz de Ferro but we have spent much of today, just feeling weightless (if we can say that). In the past 2 days, we have laughed so much, more than we have on this journey so far.

It’s like our contemplative selves have reached a point where we are comfortable with our inner selves. Really and truly comfortable. We are happy with who we are and accept ourselves entirely! We are at peace within ourselves. And it is the most uplifting and enlightening feeling ever.

Life is too short for us to be serious and not to enjoy ourselves and be who we really want to be. And if that means, letting that inner child loose… then so be it! Remember, age is just a number, it doesn’t define who we are or how we should behave or think. Obviously there is a difference between maturity and immaturity but who says you can’t be mature yet let your inner child have fun. Look at toddlers and children – they are so innocent, pure and free-spiritied. It’s precious…. We shouldn’t lose some of that just because we “grow up”!

When we are back to our lives away from the Camino, we will be sure to remember that we were all kids once and that that kid, never really went anywhere!


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