Day 31 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

We climbed to our highest point on this journey to Cruz de Ferro (1504 m.a.s.l.) And we wanted to be there early-ish so we left around 7.30am when it was still pitch black. Another morning adventure walking with our torch in the dark.

As we climbed, we realised we must be getting fitter because it wasn’t as hard as Day 1 but it was STILL hard!

Arriving to the top, we felt a sense of calm. It was very symbolic and just had the vibe that it was a place we needed to stop and spare a few moments for our thoughts. We spent several minutes in silence, mentally leaving behind some things we had carried with us on our shoulders (not actual items but more metaphorically) and on our minds. We truly unloaded and the feeling of relief afterwards is just indescribable.

Literally as if the chip on the shoulder was now no more! 🙂

Then as the saying goes, “What comes up, must come down!” And down we came. Hammering our knees into loose rocks for about 10 km… it was atrocious for our knees and ankles but as with everything, it comes to an end.

Look, we don’t mind inclines or declines and we don’t mind flat surfaces. But let’s be honest, when we are on flat ground, we prefer slopes for something “interesting” and when we are on slopes, we prefer flat ground for it to be “easier”.

It’s the whole the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side concept. And really, we can’t have it all every time, right? But wouldn’t we like to!

As with our real lives, we can’t always have what we want. We’ve known this one for a long time in our lives, thanks to our parents for teaching us that one. But that may have been more from a materialistic sense, which we can adapt this lesson to. But for this post, we want to target the mind specifically.

Our minds think too much and always want to complicate things. We want good positions in jobs but we also want to have work-life balance. We want to have a beautiful, clean and tidy home with all the chores done, but we don’t want to actually be the one doing the work. And maybe the choice of the words “want” is even too strong and it’s more subtle like “we would prefer or like”.

The reality is that we should accept things for what they are as they are. Wishing things to be different won’t necessarily change the immediate situation so why burden ourselves with that mindset, probably achieves more grief than relief.

If we are not happy with a current situation, then we need to work towards getting things to the way we would prefer but accept that it takes time. It isn’t going to magically change in front of our eyes because we wished for it. Trust us, we know – we’ve been into enough antique shops rubbing lanterns hoping that a genie would appear and it just doesn’t happen 🙂

So if we wish things were different, then we should be prepared to try and make it happen. Otherwise, we are just going to tell our minds to “shush” as we ultimately can control our minds to not aggravate us into wishing for things that are unrealistic.




2 thoughts on “Day 31 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

  1. Grace says:

    Great post today, I’m glad you were able to get some things off of your shoulders! I wish you included photographs, I bet your views are amazing!


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