Day 25 – Bercianos del Real Camino to Mansilla de las Mulas

Okay – 26 km three days in a row is NOT good for the body! We’re just saying.

Le’s foot is back to swollen and our shoulders are wrecked and we are just weary!

We gave ourselves a wee bit of a sleep-in and left around 8am which is the latest we have ever left and the sun was just peeping over the horizon. The road was rather lonely again today with us running into only maybe the same dozen pilgrims over and over again. There was no cloud cover today and the warm sun was out once again 🙂

It is tricky because we don’t want to overeat and end up consuming more than we need for the walk but in the same token we don’t want to be under consuming and actually putting unnecessary strain on the body.

To be honest, we have probably been under consuming. As we walked today, we thought about what we had been eating for the past few days. We are only really having one proper meal a day.  And in that meal, we have probably been eating more carbs then anything (breads, pastas and potatoes). Admittedly, they are more than readily available. We are possibly ok on protein (from the eggs we are eating) but when it comes to any other vitamins and minerals we are probably deficient. Which may be causing our extra weariness! Over the past few days, we have noticed that we just want to sleep more and more. We are sleeping much earlier and finding every morning a struggle to get up which is a far cry from how we were in the first 2 weeks. Is that first signs of fatigue settling in??

Along the Camino, they have these pilgrim menus which is usually between 8 Euro and 15 Euro for 3 courses. An awesome bargain for budget travelling. There will be choices for each of the courses but after consecutive days of eating like that, we want a change up. How we are craving noodles, stir-fries and sushi? So maybe this causes us to become a little lazy with eating….

We are not coffee or tea drinkers, well maybe the occasional tea, but not at breakfast. Every morning without fail, everyone seems “stunned” that we say no to their offers for coffee or tea. Sometimes we are certain they think we must have misheard them because after bringing us our toast or muffin, they ask us again…. And when we say, “no thank you.” The hands come up and sweeps across their body and they say, “Nada?” With a bewildered look in their eyes as if we are crazy! And we can’t help but smile every day at what has become a little ritual.

Anyway, back to our dietary issues, for lunch today, we ordered a chunky piece of steak each and a garden salad. That might have given us a bit of a boost for the final 6.1km we had, along with some more singing, we arrived in good spirits! Weary but in good spirits!

All this talk of food has a point, we are thinking about how lucky we are to have the food choices we have back home in Australia. We have grown an even greater appreciation to a hearty home-cooked meal. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and variety of choices at the supermarket. We are so blessed to be able to have all that at our fingertips.

Once we get home, we will be sure to continue our culinary experiences and be more vigilant with good food choices – not only for our own health but also from an ethical perspective for animals and farmers. At the beginning of our Europe trip (back in July), we had met a few farmers and so we have grown a greater appreciation for the source of where the basics of our food comes from.

Together with what we are experiencing now and the things we are reading, we just want to be sure that we are more aware and conscious of what we place in our mouths and to also think and consider how it came to be placed in front of us to eat!



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