Day 23 – Carrion de los Condos to Terradillos de los Templarios

It was probably one of the tougher days today. The first 17+km had nowhere to stop or refuel! We needed to be super prepared with our supplies! Water and food bought and packed 🙂

We find that on our longer days, when they are broken up into smaller bite sizes because of the towns… it makes the day more manageable. So hence the difference today, made it a little tougher, probably mentally more than physically.

The path was straight and flat with nothing more than just fields on either side. Guess we could call it boring but we would be insulting it. The scenery once again was beautiful and we chose to look around rather than just at our path ahead…. This helped us to push on as we usually would.

The feeling of absolute relief and bliss rushes over us, the minute we lay eyes on a town of any sort as this means we are not far from civilisation.

To help us throughout the day, we decided to go for the distraction tactic once again. This time we revisited memories of our travels. Not necessarily good memories but funnily enough, we recalled a lot of random moments. Moments that were not captured in photographs or diaries, but moments that obviously added to our fond memories of our trips.

It is important for the mind to reignite those happy memories so that they can stay current in the memory bank. It is easy for us to sometimes dwell on the negatives and for our own inner health, we should keep the positives fresh!

Why do we even retain any negative memories? Especially when all they do is make our blood boil, cause us to relive things we would rather forget or make us upset. What does that achieve? Absolutely nothing. We should wash them down the drain when we shower! Rid ourselves of the negative energies.

Treat each day as a new day and although we revisit the good memories sometimes, likewise, we shouldn’t dwell on them! We should invest our time in making more great memories 🙂

There is so much more to live for when we live for the present. The past makes us who we are but it shouldn’t define what our now should be.


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