Day 18 – Burgos to Hornillos

(playing catch ups because wifi was not very good at the place we stayed yesterday)

We have arrived into Hornillos and are staying about 6 km out of town in a lovely guesthouse. It is on a beautiful farm and so peaceful especially after the mayhem and bustle of Burgos!

We are now on the part that they call the “Meseta” which we have heard people speaking about in the lead up – sounded rather daunting, unnerving and a mental challenge. So what is it about this section? Well, from what we gather it is flat, isolating and just open plains with little shade and shelter – which is a stark contrast to the ups and downs and dense surroundings we have been use to.

It has only been one day for us, but apparently it goes on like this for several more! It possibly is the time when the body and mind becomes fatigued and we start questioning our motives for walking. We will see how we manage these stages ahead! Today seemed ok… but it is hard to say when the weather was forecasted to be rain and storm and we managed to get an overcast day!

Seems like we have learnt not just from the walking and solitude and silence. We have certainly learnt a great deal from those around us too! Some of the things we have learnt are practical things that have helped us with foot care on the walk – but a few other things that we have discovered are not practical as such but have made us more reflective and inspire us in different ways.

One of the things is that this year, we can get TWO certificates for finishing the Camino de Santiago. It is exactly 800 years since St Francis of Assisi completed this pilgrimage. And so only once every hundred years is this certificate issued as well as the usual Compostela. Yes, ONE in every 100 hundred years and it happens to be this year. Apparently this year is called the Year of the Pilgrims. We had NO idea about any of this when we decided to do it this year, we just felt compelled to do it.

Which leads us to a conversation we had with an Italian young lady just the other day and as we talked, she said, “They say you don’t choose to do the Camino, it chooses you!”

And it was then the penny dropped and the puzzle was slowly beginning to piece itself together.

So why did we choose to do the Camino this year? We are doing the Camino to raise funds and awareness for Angelman Syndrome but we are also doing it for ourselves.

Last year sometime, we spoke to several people who had done the Camino recently and it started us thinking that it was something we wanted to do one day. It sounded like it was a great opportunity to do some soul searching and bring our life back to basics – escape the run-of-the-mill life that we had gotten so used to. So we made a pact – that we would do it before we turned 40: almost like a “bucket list” type of thing.

Then after barely any deliberation we spontaneously decided that 2014 was the year to do it! It was on a whim & we just committed to it. There was no backing out now…. And so here we are!

After what the Italian lady had said to us about the Camino calling us – we realise that is what happened to us because we cannot truly explain why we changed our mind from giving ourselves 8 years to do it – to deciding that it would be within the year! And then to learn that we get 2 certificates – one of which is only issued every hundred years! To us seems like a blessing and a true calling especially as we were totally oblivious to the timing of our walk.

Things in life happen for a reason, don’t resist it! If it’s meant to be, it is meant to be! We need to learn to listen to our intuition and instincts more – sometimes our rational minds have been brainwashed by the routine of society! Take a moment and let your soul be free and see where it takes you!


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