Day 14 – Santo Domingo to Belorado

We started off early again today and the road markings were pretty clear so we had no trouble despite the sky being pitch black!

We managed really good rhythm today so covered the 23km in one hit with about a 15-minute break altogether. We were quite surprised we were able to cover that ground so easily. We were also having a great conversation with a sincere and lovely couple from QLD, Australia who we had met 2 days ago in Najera. And because we were chatting away, the time just passed! Some people you are just meant to meet and connect with 🙂

We naturally have conversations all the time. But it’s amazing how many different types of conversations people can have. With some people, it’s all small talk. With others, it is just superficial conversation sharing, say… travel stories,. And then there are real conversations, which allow us to reach a more deeper understanding of one another and also many a-times exposes us to a wealth of knowledge in areas we are unfamiliar with.

Why do we, as humans, need to know what people do for work? Why do we need to know details that don’t necessarily tell us who they really are as a person?

Really getting to know a person involves spending time hearing them out and really listening to them. It is so important to chat to people and let them show us who they are. Take the time to explore and show interest because it is incredible the things we can learn from others, their experiences or information they have to share 🙂


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