Day 13 – Najera to Santo Domingo

We struggled a little today! We started only slightly later than we usually do and we paid for it… Being in the sun, climbing more hills!

There was very little shade so we were grateful for the cloud cover we had at times! There were not many places to sit along the way until we hit the little towns. At least we had gorgeous scenery once again to occupy our minds and distract us!

We think we will switch back to leaving just before 7 am now to cover more ground in cooler weather before the sun comes up… let’s see!!

Wow – it was an interesting day on the road. Is it the beginning of the end? Does it all go downhill from here (and we don’t mean geographically)?

Last night, there was a fiesta in Najera and we wonder if many people didn’t get much sleep. Why do we say that? Because today on record has to be the day where we came across the MOST unfriendly, grumpy and rude people on the Camino!

This has surprised us a little but maybe this is where patience starts to fray and weariness kicks in…. Uh-oh! Is our romantic illusion of happiness and friendliness and good spirits on the Camino about to burst?

But you know what?! We learnt something from the way these people have been treating us.

That we are NOT going to let them spoil our mood or let that attitude override all the other happy and positive people we have met and still meeting. At the end of the day, we don’t know what everyone is going through… but it doesn’t mean that we have to accept them being rude to us.

We acknowledge everyone has their bad days and they are entitled to behave however they want… but is it so hard to ask for a bit of civil behaviour?

But anyway, as we said, we will focus on the good-natured souls we have met. We all deal with things differently, and we prefer not to take out a “bad” day on others.

So we hope that we can take this attitude once life on the Camino is over. We will not take it personally when people aren’t kind to us! Life is too short to worry over things like this especially when there are so many more kind-hearted people who aren’t afraid to show it!









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