Day 12 – Navarrete to Najera

Don’t think we will be leaving while it’s still pitch black anymore as the autumn is well on its way. Sunrise is a little later now and those yellow arrows are harder to spot. The moon is now at half-moon, so there is very little light before the sun rises.  The winds were rather icy in comparison to what we have been getting which has made the walking a whole lot easier.

We felt like we made really good time today. It was about 18km in 4 hours or so with a wee bit of an adventure trying to find our way in the dark! But does it really matter how fast we arrived?

We were speaking to a fellow walker a few days ago and she made a rather interesting point, that it is funny that although we are all walking and just need to get to our stops for the night, we are still looking at our watches.

Yes, why do we do that? Is it a habit from our everyday “normal” lives that we have carried here?

For us, we look at our watch to track how long we’ve been walking. But what we notice is that time seems to be going slow… and not in a bad way! In a great way! We are walking the Camino to slow down our lives because time just seems to pass us by.

Time is an objective measure – 60 seconds is always 60 seconds, 1 minute is always 60 seconds, 1 hour is always 60 minutes and so forth. So time itself goes no slower or faster regardless of whether we are at work or on holidays.

When we are “clock-watching”, time seems to stand still and in contrast when we are on auto-pilot, time seems to escape us. Why do we look forward to the weekends and dread Mondays? There is no secret recipe to slowing down time or speeding it up, because we just can’t! Maybe it is in fact all about choices rather than time itself. Because time is a constant, we are the variable.

Technically, we make choices in our lives that affect how we spend our time – no one forces these upon us. So why not just accept the choices we have made and choose a mindful attitude with what we are doing with our time.

If we put LESS emphasis on time and more value on what we do, then maybe our time won’t seem to get away  – the concept of quality not quantity.

The feeling we have every day at the moment is one of pure freedom. So much freedom…. Where time passes, where the sun comes up and goes down as it would be if we were home, where we can eat whenever we want, where we can have a break whenever we want, where we can go as we please at whatever pace we please.

The difference is the attitude throughout the day – not HOW we fill the day. Because let us tell you, just walking for hours on end is not EASY or FUN! We are making it fun by being mindful of each step and our surroundings. We are not focusing on the speed we are walking. We are remembering WHY we are walking. And more importantly, that we chose to do this walk!

Once we are home, we will remind ourselves that it is the choices we make that ultimately can affect where our time goes. So it is our mindset and it is up to us….

Next time, we are doing laundry instead of reading a book, we will remember how good it feels to be slipping on that clean pair of underwear and sleeping in those crisp, clean, fresh sheets.



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