Day 11 – Logroño to Navarrete

If there’s an up, there’s a down! If there’s a happy, there’s a sad. If there’s hot, there’s cold. So if there’s sunshine, there’s rain!

And that is what we got, we walked pretty much entirely in the rain today, it wasn’t heavy thank goodness but it certainly was wet. We have spray jackets and also ponchos so our upper bodies were dry at least. 🙂

We could’ve had a few reactions to the rain! We could’ve let it dampen our spirits, we could’ve been annoyed, we could’ve seen that it ruined our rain-free record so far. And maybe these thoughts did creep in at times.

But we chose to see it slightly differently; we figured that we couldn’t truly appreciate the sunshine if we don’t experience the alternative!

We flipped it slightly and saw that we were lucky that today, the path we walked was mainly sealed so we weren’t slipping and sliding in mud or rocks! That was more than we could ask for. Obviously we would probably feel differently if the walk was longer and or the rain was heavier but based on what we experienced, we are grateful that if we were to experience rain, that it would be today out of any of our walking days so far!

The rain itself revealed to us our lesson in life: we will have bright days and we will have not-so-bright days. And depending on how we react to them, it can affect how we feel overall about the situation. But it is the “not-so-good” that makes us appreciative of the “good”.

And what is rain? It’s not there to depress us, it’s there to water the earth. How can we expect beautiful lush farms and gorgeous green scenery if there is no rain? We, as humans, need water for survival so we probably shouldn’t be too resentful of rain sometimes!

Let’s not forget that the world is made up of opposites if we didn’t have what we perceive as the “negatives” occasionally, how can we value the positives?


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