Day 9 – Viana to Logroño

What a blissfully short day today! We surprised ourselves at how quickly we walked 10km. We had left a wee bit later in the day than usual, and after less than 3 hours, we are here in Logroño.

The walk was a little lonely today as we didn’t see very many other pilgrims. We may have seen a dozen, if that, which is highly unusual considering that we have been easily bumping into anywhere between 30 – 50 on past days.

Our schedule is now very different to that of the John Brierley guidebook, which is what most pilgrims use to map out their walking stages. It provides great recommendations but obviously everyone should tailor it accordingly which we are sure people are doing. But that means for us, we are now behind most of the people we started with back on Sept 5th in St Jean Pied de Port. Being behind doesn’t bother us… but it is a little sad realizing that we may not see them again unless we catch up to them (which is very unlikely).

But that is life, isn’t it? We are all at different stages in our lives, just like on the Camino, all pilgrims will be at different stages. We will be walking with unfamiliar faces, but hey, that is how it started over a week ago.

In life, we need to respect one another’s lives. Some people are having kids, while others have just started dating, some are buying property while others are moving interstate. These things happen, the only thing certain in life is change and we need to accept that. People move on and that is ok. We don’t need to try to cling onto what once was – just be happy for one another 🙂

It’s the way the world works; that is evolution. Nature is living proof that change is inevitable. We just need to learn to adapt and keep going with our own lives/path/Camino!

And a photo as a request from a friend 🙂

This is us at sunrise 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Viana to Logroño

  1. I love all of your Camino lessons that you are discovering as you walk… keep them coming! Something we started saying on our walk was: “There’s not such thing as a Camino goodbye”. I was continually amazed at the people I would see again and again when I thought I had lost them forever. I think you guys will be surprised too…


    • Thanks Nadine 🙂 We are quite amazed at how much we have learnt yet spend so little time thinking while we walk! It’s the most incredible feeling inside as you know! And that is so promising to hear that we may run into people again…


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