Day 8 – Los Arcos to Viana

We are finally believing what previous Camino walkers say about it getting better after 7 or so days of walking. We didn’t think we would ever get to that stage but we think we could be getting there now. That is not to say that it is getting any easier because it isn’t, our bodies are just adapting and becoming accustomed to all the walking.

And this gets us thinking about everything in life. Everything we can do now on autopilot or with confidence is because we have done it often before.

Our memories don’t stretch back as far as when we first started to walk BUT we think of other things such as learning to drive, starting university, starting a new job, trying a new food… Until we give things a go, we cannot pass judgment and “guess” what our reaction would be, these are only preconceptions not certainty.

Which leads us to our lesson for the day:

All experiences in our lives were once “new”, we need to approach life with no prejudice, without forming negative opinions and overthinking everything. This limits opportunities and closes off the chance to grow physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Let’s stop thinking, “What if I don’t like it.” or “Maybe I won’t be good at it” – we will never know until we try!

During our walk today, we kept thinking that we had climbed our last hill but there seemed to always be another one. On the last climb, we found a spot to rest, in some shade on some rocks. As fellow pilgrims passed, we clapped and cheered them on. We felt good for doing it and we could tell they all appreciated it! We got smiles, we got laughs, we injected energy into them.

It doesn’t matter how tough each day seems, we are just so happy! Our spirits are high, maybe not the highest in the middle of the day, but when we arrive to where we will rest and sleep, we feel so happy and blessed!

800 km seemed like a lot before we started, and now we are only just under 20% of the way to our destination. We have walked further than we ever could have once imagined. That was because we came in with the thought that 800 km is too far but now it’s one step at a time… we’re going to get there!

Staying positive is helping us go a long way 🙂


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