Day 5 – Pamplona to Puente de la Reina

Our bodies rewarded us today as the 24 km or so to Puente de la Reina was much easier than we expected.

We had such varying terrains… starting with flat, then uphill, then more uphill before going really downhill and then easy-ish paths to our “stop” town!

We were in good spirits for most of today and had thought because of our rest day we may have “lost” a few of our friends who we had started the Camino on the same day as us but it turns out we are still seeing a few familiar faces which is really lovely! Seems like others thought Pamplona was a good place to stop. But either way, we are meeting many more!

We also gave away some food again to other pilgrims. On the first day, we ran into a pilgrim from Norway who hadn’t managed to pick up any food before leaving St Jean Pied de Port and because our hotel was insistent on us taking our baguette with us, we gave him our spare one. Today our hotel packed us an enormous picnic for the road and after running into some Canadian pilgrims, we offered them part of our picnic. As we mentioned in an earlier post, there is such a sense of camaraderie. We look out for one another, it’s really pleasant which makes us think about why our usual environments can’t naturally and always be like that!

Maybe all pilgrims should bring a bit of the Camino spirit home and maybe it will spread and be the norm everywhere. 

Anyway, on the way to the summit, Le was graced with the guidance of a butterfly. It was the most unusual thing. Let us share the experience: David was a little further ahead of her and she was looking at stones only a few steps ahead (as per our Day 2 lesson when climbing hills) and the searing heat of the sun was just engulfing us. And Le could feel that her focus was waning on getting to the top, and right on cue, a butterfly flew into view and caught her eye. It landed on a stone not far from where she was looking, then as she approached it, it flew to another stone a few steps ahead …. It continued this way for another 6 or so times, then fluttered off. And would you believe, when Le looked up, she was at the summit!! It was the motivation and distraction she needed. How wonderful 🙂 

Our lesson today, after resting yesterday, it showed us how important it is to sometimes take a break and this gave us a new lease on how we tackle things. It is the healthy balance that we need in life sometimes, to not constantly be pounding ourselves with things. Downtime is good not only for the brain, the body but also the soul!



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